Can Paixano inside

Can Paixano was founded in 1969, and year after year, it has a growing status as a must-see for those seeking a different vision of Barcelona.

It's a place where the ambiance of the Barceloneta's (a typical seaside neighborhood) old bars is revived and also where our famous cavas and sparkling wines can be enjoyed, in addition to sampling from our wide assortment of sandwiches and tapas.

Can Paixano also offers the opportunity to shop in the store located on-site. There, you can find a great variety of canned goods and cured meats and sausages, always guaranteeing the highest quality and selection. It is also possible to purchase our cavas, sparkling wines and a selection of wines at the same store, all of which can be delivered to your home if you prefer.

Nowadays, all the experience and knowledge which has been gained over the years have been passed on from one generation to the next, who cares for the products with just as much dedication and devotion, always assuring the maintenance of the same tradition, character and quality as always.


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